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Mime Classes at Mime Theatre Studio, Los Angeles, California


Mime Classes at Mime Theatre Studio, Los Angeles, California


Mime Classes at Mime Theatre Studio, Los Angeles, California

Mime Theatre Studio offers intensive workshops and weekly classes in Mime Theatre on a year-round basis.
Classes are held in Los Angeles, California.

Curriculum Structure -
Level I Introductory Workshop
Level II Weekly Class

New students must begin with the Level I Workshop, an intensive 2-day introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques taught at Mime Theatre Studio. Students who complete the workshop are eligible to enroll in the weekly Level II Class.

The potential exists for truly committed students to work up to advanced levels in the art if that is their goal.



March 21 - May 9, 2021
Every Sunday
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT [Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles) — UTC/GMT -7 hours]
1 class per week for 8 weeks * 16 hours total instruction
Tuition $235.00

For the time being, while it is unsafe to hold in-person workshops, the Level I Workshop will be offered online as a series of eight classes.
These classes are available to students in any city or country. (Instruction in English.)

Contact Us for Registration Details

Level I Workshop - This first level of instruction introduces those new to Mime Theatre to the fundamentals of the art.  Students gain a general understanding of what mime was in the past and what it is in today's theatre, and begin to learn the physical and dramatic skills that provide a strong foundation for mime work. The class curriculum includes specialized movement skills, physicalization of emotion, and stylization techniques (including some basic illusion work).

  • Marcel Marceau Technique - Students are introduced to the technique of the great French master of mime, universally hailed as the greatest practitioner of the art in the past century. Students begin to learn the basic principles of Marceau's technique, a technique founded on his own master's teachings and developed over half a century of creating, performing, and teaching. Work includes discussion and discovery of fundamental concepts, technical movement exercises, and exploration of physical dramatic expression.
  • Corporeal Mime (Decroux Technique) - Students are introduced to the technique of "the father of modern mime," Etienne Decroux. Reinventing mime as a contemporary art form, Decroux created a highly technical, codified technique that influenced the work of many, including his most famous pupil, Marcel Marceau. Students learn some basic skills from this technique, providing some of the physical grammar necessary to transform their movements from natural to theatrical.
  • Niedzialkowski Technique - Techniques developed by Polish mime master Stefan Niedzialkowski provide students with methods of breath control and stylization that are fundamental to the physical expression of thought in mime.
  • Character Creation - Students are guided through explorations of the ways in which characters express themselves physically.  The inner character is coordinated with the body as students discover what characters say without even speaking.

Students who complete Level I are eligible to register for Level II.

Level II Class - This second level of instruction builds on the concepts and skills introduced in Level I, and introduces new material.  Techniques are explored in greater detail, with more emphasis on mastering each skill.  New material in both the Marceau and Decroux techniques is introduced, and work on character, dramatic construction, and improvisation begins.
     Students with some experience in mime may audition to begin at this level, but some basic knowledge and skill in Marceau and Decroux work in particular is considered a pre-requisite.  Students who have completed Level I are automatically eligible to register for this level.
    Level II is an ongoing class comprised of students at different levels of experience. Students may continue in Level II for as long as they wish to advance their skills, working toward the level of professional performer.

  • Marcel Marceau Technique & Corporeal Mime - Students work to develop skills previously introduced, and learn new material that becomes gradually more complex, including new isolations, study of movement rhythms, and the introduction of movement etudes.
  • Niedzialkowski Technique - All work continues to develop the skill and application of this technique.
  • Dramatic Construction - Students learn fundamentals of constructing Mime Theatre scenes, learning how "actor-centered" theatre differs from conventional theatre. More advanced students begin work on original student creations, presented and critiqued in class.
  • Creation Exercises - Students prepare assigned exercises at home and present them in class.
  • Video Presentations - Occasional classes will include showings of mime performances on video for better understanding of the class work.


New students should register for Level I.  Students who complete Level I are eligible to register for Level II.  New students with some experience in mime may audition to begin at Level II, but some basic knowledge and skill in Marceau and Decroux work in particular is considered a pre-requisite.

Online Level I        Eight-week workshop, one class per week
                                  16 hours total
                                  $235.00 (U.S. Dollars)

Level I           2-Day Intensive Workshop
                       12 hours instruction over two days
                       $179.00 if full tuition is paid 2 weeks in advance*
                       $194.00 if 50% deposit is paid 2 weeks in advance*
                       $204.00 if registered less than 2 weeks in advance

Level II         Ongoing
                       One 2½-hour class per week — Currently meets Saturdays from 8:00pm - 10:30pm
                       $39.00 per individual class, or
                       $128.00 for a 4-week session (a savings of $28)*

* Workshop tuition, workshop deposits, and class tuition paid in advance is non-refundable and cannot be applied to a future workshop, class, or private instruction session.


Classes are held in Los Angeles, California.

(310) 494-MIME

or contact us by
(When writing, please include a telephone number.)

No prior experience in mime or acting is necessary. Students should be physically fit, and must not have injuries or physical limitations which may prevent them from participating in strenuous exercises or subject them to the risk of further injury.  Students under 18 years of age must show parental consent.

     In order for a student to participate in a class, the class must be paid for prior to the beginning of that class. Session payments are due one week prior to the first class of a new session. No refunds on pre-paid classes will be given, even if they are missed. Once scheduled, class days and/or times are subject to change. Any classes cancelled by the instructor will be made up at a later date at no extra charge to the student.
     The instructor assumes that participating students are aware of their personal physical condition. Neither the instructor nor the facility in which classes are held assumes responsibility for any injury incurred as a result of a student's participation in these classes. Students who are not sure if they are physically fit for this type of study should consult with a physician prior to registration.


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